Incorporating works of fiction into your magickal practice

Let’s talk about if and how you incorporate works of fiction into your practice.

I’ve been working to connect genealogical research to my witch practice and I frequently get frustrated. Western Africa is a set of ethnolinguistic groupings with varied cultures, beliefs, and spiritual practices. Even saying “tribes” is drastically inaccurate because tribalism implies shared values, culture, leadership, etc.

Very few African Americans can really say with specificity that they come from this or that “tribe”.

I found an article recently that was talking about the Wakandan alphabet created for Black Panther. Black witches are beginning to use this alphabet to craft sigils and do other work, because it’s explicitly non-appropriative.

When we try to call upon the traditions of Yorbua and Ifá, we’re super apt to get it wrong without a direct heritage and historical/familial enculturation. I don’t speak the language (also it’s a one-god type of gig, which isn’t really my jam).

Initially I scoffed at the use of the Wakandan alphabet, I mean…it’s not “real”. But none of this is real. It’s all real. It’s whatever we say it is.

When I sat with it long enough I realized this rejection was coming from a fear place. I have always wanted to incorporate/incorporated elements from fictitious worlds into my practice. It’s just that I felt weird shame about it, or at best, like it was some form of guilty pleasure that I could only engage in because I am a solo practitioner. Because I don’t _have_ to share how I do things with anyone.

So, as I continue to decolonize my magickal practice, I think I will strive to be more open and joyous about the incorporation of fiction. All of our magic was first and foremost someone else’s made up ideas and subjective observations.

How does fiction and the like play into your practice? If it doesn’t, do you have thoughts as to why?